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About Mathedu

Mathedu has been founded by Fabienne and François Chaplais in order to teach mathematics as an experimental Science. Contact us at

We are creating a series of math courses, the "Practical Mathematics" series, that navigates through mathematics universe, from sixth Grade level up to twelfth Grade level, but with an original point of view.

The students are set into action with the use of Scilab high level scientific computation software. This way, your computer is your own math laboratory where you will confront computing reality to mathematical theory. This confrontation highlights very quickly some importance topics such as the nature of infinity, which is considered as natural to mathematicians but requires a different point of view if you compute in the real world. Many other topics which are unfortunately studied only in college will be introduced from a practical perspective. They will be explained very early in the course, since they are actually easy to understand, and they will be beneficial for the understanding of the topics that will follow.

You will discover that mathematics are not difficult to understand!

Now Available

Our first math course: Practical Mathematics I: The Numbers.

It leads you through the land of all kinds of numbers, including positive integers to count and add, negative integers to subtract, and fractions to divide and multiply.

To get more information about that awesome math introduction course, go to the numbers course description page.

Also available

A course on the Scilab platform at Udemy. Scilab is a free, open source scientific development environment.

To learn more about this course, go to the scilab course description page.

Coming soon

The rest of our series of practical math courses on the Udemy Platform centered on math teaching for everybody.

The next course is aout the "real" numbers, seen as numbers that are not concrete by themselves, but that can be approximated the accuracy you will by concrete numbers. The course will be called "Introduction to Approximation" and will show you from a practical point of view how you can deal with those abstract entities that are "pi" or the square root of 2…

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